Tibetan Terriers
Afijo nº 007952
F.C.I. 0763/97

Khyi-Lha, in tibetan "The Dog" gives importancy to:

Beauty: dogs of our kennel have a natural beauty. They are of square and robust aspect. The hair of our dogs is abundant and of good texture. We maintain, the authentic push of the TT when he is walking. the angulations...

Character: Our dogs have the original character of the dogs that lived with the Tibetan families and monks. Our dogs are integrated in familiar surroundings since they are born. They do not live in cages and they are socialized, customary to be in contact with people and other animals, from tender age on.

Health: Our dogs are reviewed periodically, according to the norms of the German Tibetan Terrier club (KTR). The ancestors of our dogs also have been examined and are free of genetics tares. Being hereditary diseases it is very difficult that some of our dogs suffer these tares.

For these reasons we are members of the KTR (German Club of Tibetans breeds), which has forts norms on beauty, genetic diseases and character to preserve and to improve the breed. This is the guaranty of the breeding made by Khyi-Lha.


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